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Game based Experiential Learning for children

28 April 2016

Education is only interesting for a child when he/she is actually engaged and motivated. Otherwise, it would be a total waste of time.

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Education or Learning doesn’t always about memorizing what all topics are taught in a class. It also is means, of acquiring several skills, good behaviour that are needed to respond appropriately under pressure, in a variety of situations.

For most children, it’s very difficult to remember the concepts of Mathematics, Science, Geography But they still remember the characters of their favourite movie and its dialogues seen a long time ago. Visuals media had a huge impact on the mind of a Child, What they seeing and learn everyday are never forgotten. 

Games can easily catch the attention of children and adolescents. While playing games a child faces many challenges and adversaries, these all helps a child in setting goals and work to achieve that target.

Good game-based learning applications can draw us into virtual environments that look and feel familiar and relevant. Researches prove that game based learning helps a child to develop following skills

  •          Creativity
  •          Teamwork
  •          Critical Thinking
  •          Good Sportsmanship
  •          Improves Math skills
  •          Improve Language skills
  •          Self-examining and goal setting

CoBELS is a standards-aligned pedagogical tool that helps your child apply and learn concepts better through real-world Games. It enhances learning through child’s own experiences and actions. Students have shown improvement in marks (by upto 15%) by learning through CoBELS.

Here are some of the salient features of CoBELS that sets it apart from other digital learning solutions available today:

  • Aligned to CBSE/ICSE/ State Syllabus
  • More than 250 real world games mapped to topics taught in class
  • Children can apply what they learning in class, make mistakes and learn better
  • Games and activities mapped to the competencies to be achieved for a particular grade as prescribed by the national curriculum.
  • Requires minimal parental or teacher intervention.
  • Teacher / Parent tools to monitor/ guide children through their learning process.

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Experiential Learning the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach in learning

08 June 2015

"Experience is the Teacher of all things "-Julius Caesar 

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Experiential Learning is an emerging field in the education world which is based on the philosophy of encouraging students to learnthrough experience as against pure instructions from teacher. Students become more actively involved and has fun in the learning process as compared to traditional methods and are found to learn better. Students learn from mistakes and consequences achievments. David Kolb, a renowned psychologist was behind this theory.

Experiential learning can be good for helping people explore their own strengths when learning new things.For example, let's imagine that you are going to learn how to drive a car. Some people might choose to begin learning via reflection by observing other people as they drive. Another person might prefer to start by reading and understanding a driving instruction book. Yet another person might decide to just jump and get rigtht behind the seat of a car to practice driving on a test course.Those who are considered "watchers" prefer reflective observation, while those who are "doers" are more likely to engage in active experimentation. For effective learning to occur, teacher would need ensure students should be provided with such learning experiences so they can relate them with real-life. It can help students engage and motivate .Teachers should also make sure they are able to create opportunities for reflection on learning experiences to apply them to future learning.

Technology could be utilized in experiential learning very well and it encourages students to learn by collaboration and participation and students become very engaged when they use a real-life method of learning. There are a number of available technologies to realize the desired outcomes from experiential learning. One among such is make use of digital game-based teaching. Here computer-based environments are simulated that are considered to be a motivating and engaging for students to learning and they could benefits from direct exploration of ideas and construction of meaning can be realized.

So, the next big thing to be seen in learning through technology is the incorporation of technology in experiential learning to provide great learning experiences

(CoBELS) is an award winning product that helps your child apply and learn concepts better through real-world Acti-Games. It enhances learning through child’s own experiences and actions. It provides a method that helps the child to carry out activities in an engaging form and learn in the process.

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DIY (Do it Yourself) Science Kits is another way of getting children learn from experience.There are a range of DIY Activity and Science Kits for on various school related topics like science,astronomy,electronics, electricity,electromagnetism etc... at this store

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