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Why Geometry and Spatial Sense important for pre-preschoolers?

23 May 2016

Did you know that Geometry is one among the first areas of mathematics taught to young children because it enable them to explore and learn about basic forms and relationships?

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  •          Experts say that the study of geometry involves shape, size, position, direction, and movement and is descriptive of the physical world we live in. Children's spatial sense is their awareness of themselves in relation to the people and objects around them.


  •          How do Children benefit from learning about shapes? The quick answer is that it teaches them describe the environment, identifies characteristics of shapes and help develops the sense of shape.


  •          Learning experiences in the primary grades should provide students with opportunities to explore geometric and spatial concepts, and to relate them to real-life situations. Therefore it is important that they learn manipulate concrete materials and do not simply view pictures and diagrams of two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures


  •          Two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures have properties that allow them to be identified, compared, sorted, and classified. Therefor encourage pre-schoolers to slide, flip, or turn shapes to promote problem solving and an understanding of transformations


  •          Also Spatial reasoning enable children to understand not only their spatial world but also other mathematics topics, art, science etc. social studies, movement and music, and reading etc.


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