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The “Transition” of Exam Preparation

18 November 2016


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  • Few years ago, the mode of collecting necessary study material for exam was one’s school/college library, friends were the source to pile up all the previous year question papers and the access for internet for taking up a mock test and other resource was limited.
  • The technology upgradation has facilitated these difficulties, the products that are designed to address these issues are Exam Preparation CD’s, DVDs, Pen drive, online series and worksheets & test series.
  • The CD/DVD will contain either individual subjects viz English, Science and Maths or the combo of all with mock tests, topics wise test and previous year papers along with fun games and other activities to boost the concentration for students.
  • The Pen drive will contain the complete preparation guide and test series topic wise, fun games for brain exercise and a career planner chart.
  • The worksheet and test series contains comprehensive collection of practice questions. All the topics are covered in detail and questions of various categories are included for a detailed practice. The Test Series software provided along with worksheets gives a platform to the student to practice the tests online.
  • The online/interactive series include unlimited practice & tests through multiple choice questions across 5 levels of difficulty covering all topics per subject, it is accessible from anywhere, anytime through any hardware - desk top, laptop , tablets & smart phones and provides a separate login id for parents to view their child's performance, progress & skill reports.

Browse through for the above products to buy online, the CD/DVD, pen drive, online series and worksheets for Olympiad exams are available for Grade 1 to Grade 12 students including engineering entrance exam test series products for students at greater discount rates.


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On Children being competitive?

27 August 2015


August 27 2015

“Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing   we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.” Franklin D. Roosevelt


  “Let’s see who finishes first” is something most of the parents tell to make their children eat food while they are young and we know it works. While one school of thought with reference to competition believe that children ought to compete and parents should push them towards competition since the world is turning literally to a battlefield day by day while  the other is of the view that competition is wrong and children should not be made to compete. Whatever viewpoint one may subscribe to, it is inevitable that our children may have to compete at some stage or other in their home, school or play environments. It is best to be prepared and to prepare them to face it in a positive manner.

Child psychologists say that competition is, in itself, not good or bad but it may have consequences that can be positive or negative.

For example follow are few pros and cos of competition.

  • Competition helps them sharpen their skills and get better by practice.
  • Competition helps children deal with wins and losses better.
  • Children learn to follow rules, work in teams.
  • Competition could sometimes cause a child emotional trauma or make them aggressive if they can’t handle them
  • Competition could lower down the self-confidence of a child if they are pushed to win.

So Experts say that

  • Below 8 Years, Competition it is still just fun and games to them.
  • Between 9-12 Years child may enjoy competitive games and activities.
  • 13 Years and above. Better Tell them “Win or lose, give it your very best shot”

Science Olympiad Foundation has been striving for to promote scientific attitude through innovative activities and use of IT in learning process that involve school students across the country. One of the main objective for them is to Infuse a healthy competitive spirit through reward based Contests/Olympiads. They help identifying young geniuses and providing them with a unique competitive platform where they can prove themselves.

Check out test preparation CD based programs for Test Preparation for CBSE/ICSE curriculum as well as Olympiad competitive exams for Science/Maths/English/Cyber Olympiads at . Shop online at  that make all educational purchases easy and avail existing reward points and discounts.

Good Luck

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