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On Children being competitive?

27 August 2015


August 27 2015

“Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing   we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off.” Franklin D. Roosevelt


  “Let’s see who finishes first” is something most of the parents tell to make their children eat food while they are young and we know it works. While one school of thought with reference to competition believe that children ought to compete and parents should push them towards competition since the world is turning literally to a battlefield day by day while  the other is of the view that competition is wrong and children should not be made to compete. Whatever viewpoint one may subscribe to, it is inevitable that our children may have to compete at some stage or other in their home, school or play environments. It is best to be prepared and to prepare them to face it in a positive manner.

Child psychologists say that competition is, in itself, not good or bad but it may have consequences that can be positive or negative.

For example follow are few pros and cos of competition.

  • Competition helps them sharpen their skills and get better by practice.
  • Competition helps children deal with wins and losses better.
  • Children learn to follow rules, work in teams.
  • Competition could sometimes cause a child emotional trauma or make them aggressive if they can’t handle them
  • Competition could lower down the self-confidence of a child if they are pushed to win.

So Experts say that

  • Below 8 Years, Competition it is still just fun and games to them.
  • Between 9-12 Years child may enjoy competitive games and activities.
  • 13 Years and above. Better Tell them “Win or lose, give it your very best shot”

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Good Luck

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Experiential Learning the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach in learning

08 June 2015

"Experience is the Teacher of all things "-Julius Caesar 

Blogs_experiential learning

Experiential Learning is an emerging field in the education world which is based on the philosophy of encouraging students to learnthrough experience as against pure instructions from teacher. Students become more actively involved and has fun in the learning process as compared to traditional methods and are found to learn better. Students learn from mistakes and consequences achievments. David Kolb, a renowned psychologist was behind this theory.

Experiential learning can be good for helping people explore their own strengths when learning new things.For example, let's imagine that you are going to learn how to drive a car. Some people might choose to begin learning via reflection by observing other people as they drive. Another person might prefer to start by reading and understanding a driving instruction book. Yet another person might decide to just jump and get rigtht behind the seat of a car to practice driving on a test course.Those who are considered "watchers" prefer reflective observation, while those who are "doers" are more likely to engage in active experimentation. For effective learning to occur, teacher would need ensure students should be provided with such learning experiences so they can relate them with real-life. It can help students engage and motivate .Teachers should also make sure they are able to create opportunities for reflection on learning experiences to apply them to future learning.

Technology could be utilized in experiential learning very well and it encourages students to learn by collaboration and participation and students become very engaged when they use a real-life method of learning. There are a number of available technologies to realize the desired outcomes from experiential learning. One among such is make use of digital game-based teaching. Here computer-based environments are simulated that are considered to be a motivating and engaging for students to learning and they could benefits from direct exploration of ideas and construction of meaning can be realized.

So, the next big thing to be seen in learning through technology is the incorporation of technology in experiential learning to provide great learning experiences

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