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Game based Experiential Learning for children

28 April 2016

Education is only interesting for a child when he/she is actually engaged and motivated. Otherwise, it would be a total waste of time.

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Education or Learning doesn’t always about memorizing what all topics are taught in a class. It also is means, of acquiring several skills, good behaviour that are needed to respond appropriately under pressure, in a variety of situations.

For most children, it’s very difficult to remember the concepts of Mathematics, Science, Geography But they still remember the characters of their favourite movie and its dialogues seen a long time ago. Visuals media had a huge impact on the mind of a Child, What they seeing and learn everyday are never forgotten. 

Games can easily catch the attention of children and adolescents. While playing games a child faces many challenges and adversaries, these all helps a child in setting goals and work to achieve that target.

Good game-based learning applications can draw us into virtual environments that look and feel familiar and relevant. Researches prove that game based learning helps a child to develop following skills

  •          Creativity
  •          Teamwork
  •          Critical Thinking
  •          Good Sportsmanship
  •          Improves Math skills
  •          Improve Language skills
  •          Self-examining and goal setting

CoBELS is a standards-aligned pedagogical tool that helps your child apply and learn concepts better through real-world Games. It enhances learning through child’s own experiences and actions. Students have shown improvement in marks (by upto 15%) by learning through CoBELS.

Here are some of the salient features of CoBELS that sets it apart from other digital learning solutions available today:

  • Aligned to CBSE/ICSE/ State Syllabus
  • More than 250 real world games mapped to topics taught in class
  • Children can apply what they learning in class, make mistakes and learn better
  • Games and activities mapped to the competencies to be achieved for a particular grade as prescribed by the national curriculum.
  • Requires minimal parental or teacher intervention.
  • Teacher / Parent tools to monitor/ guide children through their learning process.

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