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Idek Bundle Measurement - Maths Kit

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Idek Bundle Measurement Level-2
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A full circle protractor with a 0-360 degree scale. Measurements are numbered every 10° with single-degree markings. The Protractor can be used to measure angles drawn with the angle measure and can also to be used to draw and measure circles and angles.


The geosolids are hollow geometric shapes made of transparent plastic and consist of square, circle, triangle and rectangle in the form of prisims and pyramids. These along with fold-out nets of paper inside the hollow shapes help in learning about perimeter, area and volumes.

Color Counters

Colour counters in 5 different colours, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange to teach basic math concepts of counting, sorting and number sense.


Double-sided Geoboard 200 mm square in wood. Geometric shapes can be formed by stretching rubber bands from peg to peg on both sides and helps to learn about area, perimeter, congruency and symmetry.

Products specifications
Suitable-for Both Boys & Girls
Brand Idek
Subject Mathematics
Age-group 8-14 Years