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Idek Bundle Place Value and Number Operations with Abacus - Maths Kit

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Idek Bundle Place Value and Number Operations with Abacus
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Abacus 5 rod Abacus that holds up to 9 rings each, with additional snap-on rods to hold another 9 rings. The rings are in five colors. Abacus can be used to teach basic number sense, addition, subtraction and place value concepts. Yellow represents units, blue represents tens, green represents hundreds, red represents thousands and white represents ten thousand. Dice 5 Pairs of color-coded dice, when rolled the total dots on the face of each colored pair will be 9 or less than 9. Random numbers can be generated using the dice and understanding the number operations through dice games will reinforce the fundamentals of math. Yellow dice represent units, blue dice represent tens, green dice represent hundreds, red dice represent thousands and white dice represent ten thousands Place Value Cards Cards to represent place value of numbers namely units, tens, hundreds and thousands each in a different color. The color-coded cards provide a visual representation of place value and hands-on method for teaching place value of numbers. Yellow cards represent units, blue cards represent tens, green cards represent hundreds and red cards represent thousands.

Products specifications
Suitable-for Both Boys & Girls
Brand Idek
Subject Mathematics
Age-group 3 years & up
Material Wood,Plastic,Laminated paper,EVA Foam,Vinyl
Colors Multi Color