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Pragmatic Education v/s Dogmatic Education

09 December 2016

hands on learning,stem,do it yourself        

  • Traditional/ Dogmatic method of teaching science to students included a stern environment with the teacher as source of sharing knowledge and black board as the source to visualize the concepts.
  • This confined method of learning has inadequate motivation on young minds to develop the verge of exploring and discovering science.
  • Learning science in classroom could just end up as a goal to secure marks in the subject or it can also lead to aspire the student’s to embellish the learnt concepts to design their future life and career, building a bridge between these two scenarios is the challenge of Black Board method of teaching.
  • To teach a science concept interactively by stimulating curiosity in young minds about the subject is the Pragmatic approach of teaching. In this method students learn not just by listening but by doing.
  • Activity based learning, labs, workshops, technology supported equipment’s used within classrooms are the forms of Realistic method of learning.

Pragmatic method of teaching grabs the student’s attention and has higher chance of helping them to retain the science concepts that they learnt by doing. This induces the young minds to think ‘why’, ‘how’ about the concepts which aids them to link the syllabus with practical life concepts. includes Hand2Mind – Science Workshop kit for Children in its product line for Class 3 to Class 10 students.

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The duration of the H2M Science Workshop is about 120 minutes, conducted within school premises and conducted by team with the help of faculties of the respective schools.


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